Sark Honey

Sark Honey

produced on Sark and has a nutrient-rich content and anti-microbial properties

Discover the Taste of Sark Wild Flower Honey.

Le Grand Fort hives are located all over the beautiful unspoiled island of Sark, our busy honey bees forage nectar from a variety of wildflowers to make this wonderful amber-colored medium-strength floral-scented honey.

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What gives Sark's Wildflower Honey it's special flavour?

Sark's wildflower honey is made by bees that have collected nectar from a local source of flowers. The taste and composition of our honey can be mild to medium depending on the type of flower and the season but primarily Blackberry, Clover, Thistles, Gorse, Sycamore, Blackthorn and Cliff Heather all play their part in the complexity of tastes in this exclusive honey. The key differences are that it is 100% raw, unheated, and unpasteurized. It is produced on Sark and has a nutrient-rich content and anti-microbial properties. Sark Wildflower Honey is a luxury product produced on the Island of Sark.

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Sark Honey Farm

Le Grand Fort,
Sark, Channel Islands,
GY10 1SH.
+44 (0) 1481 832027

Shenanigans Café

Shenanigans Café at Le Grand Fort, is the only place on Sark offering local honey products and delights; by request, weather permitting we can give you a tour off the hives and introduce you to some of our very friendly bees.