All raw unprocessed honey will eventually set, setting or crystallization is a natural process for most honey.

Sark wildflower Honey hasn’t been over-filtered or processed, as setting occurs when honey contains minute particles of pollen and wax, your jars of Sark honey will set over time, this actually is a sign of your honey's purity and quality. Sark Honey is unlike most main-brand honey, which contains imported honey products from other countries, often heat-treated in order to prevent it from setting because you can't sell set honey in squeezy bottles! To turn any granulated or partially-granulated honey back into clear, runny honey just remove the lid and gently warm the jar through in a small pan of water. Turn the hob on to 'low' and leave the jar in until the honey goes runny - make sure that you keep the water around or below 50c.This doesn’t affect the goodness or flavours at all but it will make it stay clear and runny again for quite some time.

Sark Honey Farm

Le Grand Fort,
Sark, Channel Islands,
GY10 1SH.
+44 (0) 1481 832027

Shenanigans Café

Shenanigans Café at Le Grand Fort, is the only place on Sark offering local honey products and delights; by request, weather permitting we can give you a tour off the hives and introduce you to some of our very friendly bees.